Remembering Adam Kilgarriff

Remembering Adam

Adam died a year ago next Monday (16th May). Family and friends will be gathering on Monday evening onĀ  Brighton beach in celebration and remembrance of Adam’s life and passing on. Following Buddhist thinking, this is an opportunity for eating and drinking with friends, and giving something away as an act of remembrance.

We would like to extend an invitation to any of Adam’s friends and colleagues within reach of Brighton to join us if you would like. We are emailing local friends separately with more details, but if we missed you and you wish to come, please email and we will be very happy to send you the local information.

For those further afield, or simply not able to come to the beach, perhaps eating and drinking together may still be a possibility for you, and if you wish, to share with us a moment of remembrance at 2000 (GMT+1), to mark the hour of Adam’s passing.

The ‘giving something away’ part of the remembrance is completely open to your free interpretation. As many of us know, Adam was very keen to be able to provide continued support to his Kenyan family, so we thought some friends might like to do that. To make that easier (but with absolutely no pressure), we have set up a Just Giving ‘CrowdFunding’ page for this. The URL is and the page will stay open for about 30 days.

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