Quick health update

I’m now half way through my chemo: both half way through the third two-week cycle, and half way through overall, as there are six cycles.  I’m mostly on top of it, following an overflow of pain in the first cycle, nausea in the second, and constipation in the third, though there are still bad days and I get rapidly and vividly exhausted, so have extra sleep at numerous points in the day. I’m MUCH better in the mornings (like now, 5am) than the evenings, when I flake out.  I only get to find out if the chemo has worked – eg reduced the size and ferocity of the cancer, at the end of the process, some time in March
We have my sister Clara visiting at the moment, helping out with Adam-care, child-care, and being a general benign presence!
Despite the cancer, I most certainly am enjoying life; I’m not used to life being slow and gentle, and having ample time to enjoy the view out of the window, the pictures round the house, BBC Radio 3 playing gems from the classical repertoire, for writing this blog.  It’s all very nice!

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  1. Keep up the good spirit. Enjoying the smaller things in life after hurrying through the big things for too long is also a nice and healthy change. And once you come out of the current situation, you will feel refreshed.

  2. Dear Adam,

    Many years ago, a friend of mine had a ferocious cancer. There were times when she felt awful and we even feared for her life. But she is great now. So even though you will indeed have your ups and downs, make sure you take care of yourself (don’t get a cold for example), keep a positive attitude because you have already achieved many things, which shows that you are the kind of person who actively strive to achieve his aims. Keep doing what you are doing.

  3. Thanks, Adam, for using your energy to keep us informed. How nice to have your sister to help. We send our best wishes to Gill, too.

  4. Adam!
    Great to hear that you’re using this unvoluntary slow-down in the best possible way. Have my fingers crossed for you – or as we say in Swedish: I am holding my thumbs for you.

    Look forward to getting updates via this blog.
    All the best to you and your family.

    /ex Keewords-Anna

  5. So happy to hear from you, Adam, and what a gorgeous idea to switch from emails to a blog! Looking forward to your next posts :)

  6. Oddly I felt the same way after my heart attacks, that it was possible to enjoy the change of pace (and indeed life itself) despite everything else that was going on. And you certainly get to discover how kind people can be! Here’s to you continuing in the same spirit!

  7. Funnily enough I felt the same way when I had my heart attacks, that it was possible to enjoy the change of pace (and life itself) despite everything that was going on at the same time. Here’s to your spirit continuing to be great!

  8. Hi Adam, thanks for your update. Hopefully, the second half will be easier and easier. And here’s to the hope of good news in March. Sounds like you have made a good adjustment to slow and gentle!!
    By the way, is the origin of Kilgarriff Scottish or Irish?
    Can I ask you a question: can you suggest any recent good research on the connection between language and cognitive processes????
    With best wishes for continued good treatment.

  9. Dear Adam,
    Not sure if you still remember me, but I certainly do and still remember my experience in the lex Masterclass in Brno 2005 fondly. I just wanted to say I was deeply saddened by the news on your health, I pray that God be with you and your family at this rough time and help you go through it peacefully and with content. I will be following your blog and hope to stay in touch that way.
    My best wishes,
    Mai Zaki

  10. Hello Adam,
    Well done for starting your blog, I hope you enjoy developing it and writing for it.
    I expect there are many people blogging at 5am , I hope you get the rest you need later in the day to make up for it.
    Enjoy your Radio 3, and the gentle parts of the day.
    lots love Serena

  11. It’s good to hear from you, Adam. A blog is a great idea!
    May you continue to enjoy life at a slower pace. Sounds like you are being very well cared for.
    Lots of love to you and the family.

  12. Thanks for setting up the blog and I hope you understand how many people are rooting for you. You have always been really open-handed with your help and if there’s anything we can do now… even if it’s just replying to the interesting language posts for the fun of swapping ideas…. all the best (now there’s an interesting phrase…) Patrick

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