Tender vehicles


All you kind, gentle, soft-hearted cars and trucks, this way please!

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Adam Kilgarriff

I'm a scientist who has set up and runs a small company. I'm married (to Gill Lamden) with three children, Boris (22), Maddie (18) and Raffie (9) (as at today, 28 January 2015, in case I forget to update!) We live in Brighton, UK. Last November (2014) I found I had bowel cancer (stage 5; not curable; only 'manageable'). We've been adjusting to that since (and it is what provoked me to start the blog) My scientific area is linguistics, with my specialisms being corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, and lexicography - or, best of all, the intersection of all three. Since 2004, my company, Lexical Computing Ltd., has been providing a web service, the Sketch Engine, to linguists and lexicographers wanting to find out about words, using corpus-driven methods. Customers include Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Collins, Macmillan, Le Robert, Dictionary.com and around a hundred universities worldwide.

2 thoughts on “Tender vehicles”

  1. How nostalgic
    Younger readers of Adam’s blog will not remember steam locomotives
    As a kid my family would go to Devon by train pulled by a steam locomotive
    The big ones had right behind them a matching wagon full of coal and water
    This was called the tender
    I’m not a railway nut but once in a while I get close to a lovingly restored locomotive and get taken straight back to age ten

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